Work Studies

Private Bank – Chicago, IL

Private Bank approached us to replace their existing intranet with a more advance solution. The prior intranet was hard coded, meaning only a “heavy code lifter” could make alterations to the functionality or content of the site. As the company grew through both organic growth and acquisitions, its geographic footprint also grew. The need to have clear, updated communications tools became essential. Further, the former platform was no longer going to be supported so a new system was required that met their long-term visions. Affusion Group implemented a global intranet system to replace the existing system in a matter of a couple of months. Adapting the navigation, design and authorization structure to their exact needs, the system now services thousands of employees. Affusion Group provided training materials for both administrators and content managers, as well as ongoing support as required to ensure a smooth cut over to the new intranet. The system is also available to be utilized as the foundation for a future extranet or website if desired long-term as well.

Adder Consulting

As an IT consulting firm the competitive arena is glutted. Standing apart and communicating the breadth of service offerings was a challenge when redesigning the Adder site. Further, leveraging SEO was essential to ensure the company ranked as high as possible on critical search words. However, past designs for the company’s site either maintain high levels of aesthetic attributes, or SEO attributes – but never both. Affusion Group was brought on to ensure the site was visually appealing, yet ensured that SEO was maintained at all levels. Affusion Group delivered a compelling experience with mini-ads as the center framework of the site, focused on the results of working with Adder consulting – not just a list of services. Overall the site has been well received both from an SEO standpoint and the feedback from prospects who are now Adder clients.


New product launch of a high-tech hospitality solution. The focus of the product was not on the underlying technology as much as on the features and benefits from this investment. Affusion Group developed the logo and branding for the product, along with an initial introductory website. Due to the proprietary nature of the product care was given to ensure no critical information was disclosed that might jeopardize the competitive advantage. Affusion Group also provided collateral, investor and prospect presentations and is developing marketing campaigns once the product is offer more publicly.