Affusion Group’s greatest asset lies in our ability to intelligently combine our solutions for the particular client or situation at hand to maximize results.

We make a habit of staying away from “universal” solutions that are in the comfort zone of the vendor – rather than the most ideal fit for the client. By placing our client’s needs at the forefront of our concerns, we encourage solutions that are not defined (limited) by a particular medium, technology or advertising venue. We prefer to develop and present concepts that are applicable to any medium or advertising format.

A solution begins first with an opportunity, or as some would call it – a problem. At Affusion Group we don’t recognize problems in the traditional sense – but rather see only opportunities to create effective solutions. After an initial exploration of our client’s unique opportunity, we begin the exploration process to determine what combination of aesthetic design, technology and advertising mediums will present the best solution to improve profits and boost client or sales acquisition and retention.