Services Spotlight

SEO & Website Designs

Search engine optimized sites no longer need to be the ugly step-child of the world wide web. Affusion Group uses proprietary techniques to create unique, one-of-a-kind web experiences that also ensure your site ranks among the top in your market.

Branding & Identity

Although your logo is important, branding and identity is not all about a mark. The entire representation of your company is encapsulated in one identifying graphic or set of words – or both. Should that not be well considered and executed? And once solidified, what’s next? How do people associate your product or service with this logo to improve your brand equity? Trust Affusion Group to lead your next branding or re-branding effort.

Ecommerce & Web 2.0

The nomenclature shifts, meanings change but one thing does not – Affusion Group’s ability to create exactly the features and function you need to maintain your site, and ensure a positive user experience at all times. Our team of sophisticated developers anticipate your needs as much as fulfill them. We do not simply take your specifications – we ensure they are actually going to produce the results you desire – regardless of how simple or complex your website needs are.

Services Overview

Affusion Group is a full service marketing firm – meaning we cover all areas of marketing both in depth and breadth of experience and formal education. The decades of marketing, creative and technological prowess our team can bring to your next project is the leverage you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Yet we are within reach – working within any budgetary means or company size. We guarantee all of our work as part and parcel to all we do – regardless of the size of your project.

Our services are highlighted below – but we enjoy the unique and unusual projects so please contact us if there is something you desire that is not listed below:

Print Collateral Website Design
Public Relations Advertising
Media Buy Photography
Illustration Graphic Arts
Logo Design Branding
Marketing Plan Benchmarking
Interactive Web Development Database Architecture
Data Warehousing Search Engine Optimization
Content Management Systems Digital Modeling & Animation
Technical Writing Business Consulting