Affusion Group was founded in 1998, since then it has grown at a pace we like to control as a boutique firm.

Our focus is on our client’s not us. We are not here to barrage them with marketing jibberish to sound important. It is far more important we know who they are, what their business is, and the details behind their marketing efforts – what is driving the company – then to hear ourselves talk.

Once we determine this we are far more able to be specific and add our expertise in an intelligent manner. This is only the first step which occurs before we are even engaged – which many firms will charge you for. Understanding is fundamental to all we do – starting with the first conversation you have with Affusion Group.

Let’s meet some of the team who makes this all possible:

Kelly Walsh, CEO & CMO

Kelly has decades of relevant industry experience both in marketing and technology with any size company in a vast array of industries. From start-ups, to non-profits, to Fortune 100 – she has likely seen it all, and in detail. Kelly has raised the bar across the board for the team over the past year or so, setting a challenging strategic direction that the entire team is looking forward to executing. However she remains hands-on, never put out by a clients call no matter what time of day. She is a solid source of creative ideas, analytical intelligence and overall motivation to whomever she works with within or outside Affusion Group. She graduated from Syracuse University with both a BS and MBA in Marketing.

Rolf Heitmann, CTO

Having spent the past two decades in technology and business development, Rolf brings a unique blend of skills to Affusion Group. His focus is always on solutions to real business problems, never technology for the sake of it. Having worked at all types of businesses such as non-profits, start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies, he has the background to truly make technology a competitive advantage to our clients. Rolf has also developed several proprietary, and patent pending, solutions that take eMarketing to a whole new level. Rolf graduate with a BS in Computer Science and Software Development from Sor-Trøndelag College of Engineering in Norway, and an MS in Mechanical Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.