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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an often discussed, yet often vaguely understood, method of creating websites that are highly visible to major search engines.

The technical ability to create a website design which ranks for chosen keywords is, however, not the end all and be all for SEO website design. Many of today’s service providers are very technically inclined and able to create websites that do rank well and will show up for specific keywords. However, many of the most "technically able" firms lack the strong creative and internet savvy that is so critical in creating a site that will retain the organic traffic once it has reached the site.

Often times, aesthetic website design and SEO website design are at odds with each other. This is due to web developers being traditionally focused on the technical aspects, or the artistic aspects, of website design exclusively. Affusion Group has created a different environment where creativity, keyword rich content generation, incoming link building, aesthetic design and SEO technology practices all intertwine to create sites that are highly visible to all the major search engines. While at the same time, our SEO websites are visually stunning, original website designs that guarantee your organic traffic will remain and execute the "call to action" you desire.

Marketing Sense

Direct bottom line results - how else do you determine the effectiveness of marketing?

Marketing's efforts must result in profit improvements, and how you ensure your hard earned dollars are going toward fruitful ends is just as important today as it ever has been. The key to having marketing sense lies in a focused ability to measure those results. Balancing creativity, technology, market research, traditional and new age marketing is what Affusion Group brings to your company and marketing efforts.

At the end of the day, there is only one true measure of your advertising and marketing effort - a transparent accounting of proven results that bring in a higher profit margin and make the most of your marketing budget.

In today’s world of marketing and advertising, often times creativity runs unbridled and solid marketing sense can be lost in the rush to deliver uniqueness. Leveraging our Marketing3 Affusion Group is able to guide your company through solid decisions in marketing that will reap the maximum return.

The Art of Communication

The art of communication relies on a solid understanding of human visual, auditory and psychological processing in relation to people’s everyday activities, habits, goals and desires. The art of advertising communications relies on several more intricate and interrelated factors - both internally from a company standpoint and externally from a customer standpoint.

The most effective advertising communications make the best use of a company’s budget, resources, existing brand & product loyalty, while injecting focused creativity and ROI in the form of targeted campaigns that actively turn leads into sales. By targeting your efforts into the most productive and profitable channels, you ensure that your marketing spend is directed into the areas that will help you the most.

Cross Medium Marketing Ink & Pixels

Creating a dual print and web presence that is effective and works in parallel is not an easy task to undertake. The two mediums must direct the viewer in different but similar methods to your goods and services. Certain demographics and events call for one medium or the other - or both to work in parallel to drive your business.

To understand how a concept can be successful in both print and web requires a strong understanding of both medium’s strengths and limitations - as well as the marketing cycle and timeline of your companies products. Understanding how to drive your audience from one medium to another (i.e.: from a direct mail campaign to your website, or vice versa) requires an understanding of how people’s habits, both online and offline, dictate the best methods to get the desired results. Affusion Group’s expertise is in this science and art - and the results speak for themselves - real bottom line improvements.

Youth of Today eMarketers of Tomorrow

Affusion Group recognizes that the resources we are able to employ today are as a direct result of those who have spent their lifetimes teaching and training each generation. We believe in returning the favor by contributing to the education of potential future Affusion Group team members!

A few of Affusion Group’s web designers will be giving a class to local elementary students in 4th and 5th grade. The class is one of the most popular being offered, which tells us how exciting web designing still is. At the end of the six week course the children will have created their own web page to be displayed on the PTO website for all to see.

Giving back is a big part of who Affusion Group is. We rely on our community to build our business, and by volunteering our time and resources we feel the circle is completed. Each year Affusion Group gives hundreds of hours of our time to our fellow community members – in this vein we hope the youth of today become the marketing leaders of tomorrow through our educational efforts.

The Work

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What Our Clients Say

Dubin & Lee, Contingency Staffing Firm

“I could not have been more pleased with the work Affusion Group has done for me. I had started working with another company to develop my company’s website and I was very frustrated with the progress. A client of mine referred me to Affusion Group and it was such a blessing. Kelly and her entire team took the time to not only understand my objectives and who my customers are but they took it to a whole new level.” Read More

Saundra Lee, Dubin & Lee, Miami, FL |

Private Bank & Trust, Personalized Finanical Services

"Private Bank approached Affusion Group to replace our outdated intranet. The intranet connects our multiple offices and is an essential form of communications for the company. However, the old system was hard coded and difficult for a non-programmer to update. Further, the navigation and appearance also left much to be desired. Affusion Group proposed a solution that was implemented in a matter of a few months, within budget, and has served our needs exceptionally well." Read More

Andrew Maychruk, Private Bank & Trust, Chicago, IL

Affusion Group - Preferred Vendor

Adder Consulting

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Making a Difference

Affusion Group is active in promoting and acheiving the humanitarian goals of several non-profit agencies and organizations. To learn more about Affusion Group's work with these non-profit groups, please follow the links below.

PKD South Wall Fire Rescue Flying Kites Kenya